Swiss Banking Advisory is all about innovations.  If we find an innovative solution, we introduce it to our community, present the companies and services available and highlight them as possible investments or hiring solutions.  If someone in the community is interested, they simply ask us for more information.  We will then provide professional documentation from the company for the community member to review.  If interest remains, we will go ahead and introduce the two parties.  This process allows us to protect the privacy of all community members. 

We believe this allows our community members to focus on what they do, as we preselect these innovative solutions and companies and present them on our website.  Some of the companies we highlight have been on the market for a couple of years and are interested in meeting with investors to help with their growth and expansion.

If you would like to be notified of new solutions or companies posted to our Pinboard or website please contact us via email at “NL” (as in North Ludwig) nl (at)  In our newsletter we feature new innovative solutions and invitations to our private networking educational conferences.  We look forward to having you as a future innovator,  investor or collaborating partner in our community where we would be happy to support you in your search to find an innovative company.